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About Gerry Goddard

British-born, Canadian Gerry Goddard was an astrologer, metaphysician, transpersonalist, consultant, writer, teacher and scholar whose special interest was the bridge between foundational astrology and the field of post-Jungian transpersonal studies. He held an honours BA in philosophy from the University of British Columbia and a degree in library science from the University of Toronto. Gerry died unexpectedly in November of 2007 at the age of 64.

His philosophical context was shaped by Jungian, humanistic, and transpersonal psychological, Buddhist and Western new paradigm perspectives,interwoven with his personal, family, parental, relational, meditative and working journey through life. With an academic background in Western philosophy and a deep interest in transpersonal psychology he was concerned, through his writings, with establishing a firm theoretical foundation for astrology.

Especially inspired by the archetypal perspective and interdisciplinary work of cultural historian, philosopher and astrologer Richard Tarnas, Goddard devoted his thought and wrtitings to establishing a firmer theoretical foundation for astrology. He believed that astrology would take its rightful place in the new paradigm debate only through an ongoing and open-ended explication of its foundational symbols in terms of the larger cultural conversation. His intellectual life was a passionate and profound dedication to that explication.

Gerry's articles have been published in The Astrological Journal of Great Britain and The Wholistic Astrologer of Australia. His "The Mutable Cross and the Postmodern Ethos."appears in the anthology Orpheus: Voices in Contemporary Astrology. His article entitled "Counterpoints in Transpersonal Theory: toward an astro-logical resolution" appears in the Winter 2005 issue of ReVision Journal.

Some of Goddard's other works are: "Astrological Polarities and the Gender Dialectic"; "Metaphor or Archetype? ~ the nature of the astrological symbol"; "Uranus, Prometheus or just plain Herschel?"; "Transpersonal Perspectives and the Eighth Principle"; "The Eternal Return of Friedrich Nietzsche - an astrological portrait"; "Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: Our Contemporary Evolutionary Challenge"; "The Mystic and the Misanthrope: the enigma of Arthur Schopenhauer"; "Airing Our Transpersonal Differences"; "Holonic Logic and the Dialectics of Consciousness:Unpacking Ken Wilber's Four Quadrant Model; "Consciousness and the Holonic Infrastructure"; "Further thoughts on holons, heaps and artifacts"