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Writings in Astrology by Gerry Goddard


Beyond Pluto: Some Preliminary Observations and Thoughts on Sedna and Eris. In The Astrological Journal of Great Britain - Volume 48, no 6, Nov-Dec 2006, pp. 56-70

The Mutable Cross and the Postmodern Ethos Published in: Orpheus: Voices in Contemporary Astrology. Frome, Consider, 2000. Essays by, Andre Barbault, Liz Greene, Charles Harvey, Gerry Goddard, Lindsay Radermacher, Otto Rheinschmiedt, Suzi Harvey, Brian Taylor.

See a Review of Orpheus by Darby Costello

Counterpoints in Transpersonal Theory: toward an astro-logical resolution : This piece appeared in ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation - Winter 2005 V27, N3. This article discusses current and sometimes conflicting trends in transpersonal theory, suggesting the deep logic of astrology as a resolution.

Astrological Polarities and the Gender Dialectic ~Published in two parts in The Wholistic Astrologer, issues 5 (Aug-Oct 2000) and 6 (Nov 2000 - Jan 2001). Edited by Candy Hillenbrand.

Metaphor or Archetype? ~ the nature of the astrological symbol -- appearing on the CURA (University Centre for Astrological Research) website of Dr. Patrice Guinard.

Uranus, Prometheus or just plain Herschel? (3210 words) appearing in the Astrological Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

Transpersonal Perspectives and the Eighth Principle (3664 words) also appeared in the Astrological Journal, Nov/Dec 1995, Vol.37,No.6, Special Astrology & Psychology issue.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: Our Contemporary Evolutionary Challenge -- An essay in cultural history relating to the discoveries of the trans-Saturnian planets and their archetypal imperatives for contemporary developments in consciousness: now appearing on the CURA (University Centre for Astrological Research) website of Dr. Patrice Guinard

Beyond a Post-Modern Astrology: a Response to Candy Hillenbrand-- This article was published in Candy Hillenbrand’s journalThe Wholistic Astrologer, Issue 9. August-October 2001.pp 22-28

Culture, Correlations & Consciousness: the expanding astrological horizon - an essay-review of Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas. A shorter version of this review appeared in The Mountain Astrologer. Other reviews of Cosmos & Psyche, including another by Gerry, appear on the Cosmos & Psyche website.

An forum on Richard Tarnas's Cosmos and Psyche

Two Astrological Profiles

The Eternal Return of Friedrich Nietzsche ~ an astrological portrait ~ This article, here in a slightly modified form, appeared in The Astrological Journal, July/August 1998 (v40, n4)

The Mystic and the Misanthrope: the enigma of Arthur Schopenhauer appearing on the CURA (University Centre for Astrological Research) website of Dr. Patrice Guinard


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