My involvement with astrology goes back to the late seventies when I decided to see if there really was anything to this ancient subject. I'd been open to the mystical and the paranormal for years, but had a stubborn skepticism about astrology because I didn't, by my own and others' view, 'fit' my sun sign. But with my whole birthchart, and the charts of several friends and family members in front of me, and with the guidance of some good books by Stephen Arroyo, Liz Greene, and Dane Rudhyar, I gradually became convinced, and then hooked. I'd finally discovered my calling -- something to connect the left and the right brains -- and a bridge to understand where other people were 'really coming from', So I've been involved with astrological consulting, writing and teaching ever since.

My philosophical context, which underlies both an academic & person-centred involvement with astrology, has been shaped by Jungian, humanistic, and transpersonal psychological, Buddhist and Western new paradigm perspectives, interweaving with my own personal family, parental, relational, meditative and working journey through life.

My orientation is twofold: with an academic background in Western philosophy and a deep interest in transpersonal psychology, I'm concerned, through my serious writings, with establishing a firm theoretical foundation for astrology.

As a person-to-person consultant astrologer, I try to bring astrology down to earth to make a difference in my life and yours, to uncover the underlying principles beneath the surface confusion & complexity to help my clients get a deeper and clearer handle on their central issues.

Astrology brings together the spiritual and the psychological, & builds a connection among I, You & Others. It enables us to see & appreciate each other in our radical difference & uniqueness, yet at the same time to see that we are all aspects of the same grand whole.