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To Gerry

Talk to me, talk to me,
I am hungry for your star-talk
that gives petal-edge and symmetry
to moon crystal.

As your comet sings its singular orbit
through the milkyway,
here is the Song of Mercury,
shaping in liquid silver the geometry of dreams.

You chant your strange litany
and the fern curls compliantly.
The way opens wide as you speak it.
Your words are balm on the ache of it.
Your ache a palm etched on the hand of it.

You read me
like leaves swirled on the concavity
of a teacup.

Surely we spin on porcelain.

As you twirl your fingers through your beard,
star showers spill over me.

With shining eyes, now you rise,
deep into sky-water,
speaking your ancient wisdom.


by Roberta DeDoming

Orginal draft written circa 1979
Final revisions February, 2008